You don’t have to be crazy to have psychotherapy

There’s a common misconception that psychotherapy is only for ‘crazy’ people and neurotic New Yorkers.

But what if you’re just feeling stressed, anxious or depressed and you just want someone to talk to? Someone you can be completely honest with and not worry that they’re going to store that for use later on in an argument. What if your life has just hit a rocky patch and you just want a shoulder to cry on?  What if you just want to feel heard?  Why not give psychotherapy a go?


So what if for one hour a fortnight (or week, month, 2 months – it’s really up to you) you could go somewhere and talk freely about all the things that have been really upsetting or annoying you? And the person you were talking to really listened to you. They didn’t try to interrupt you to tell their side of the story. They just listened to every word you said. Without judgement. In complete confidentiality.

So as they saying goes, you could really get whatever it was off your chest. You could stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You could let go emotionally and physically. Cleaning up and defragging your emotional hard drive. Opening up space for more love, compassion and fun to enter into your life.

So why not give it a try…..

If you want to ask me what Counselling or somatic psychotherapy is all about, I offer a FREE 15 minute discovery session by phone for new clients.  



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Three easy ways to reduce your anxiety:

movement, breathing and your senses.

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