Why you need real life connection as well as online connection

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Why you need real life connection (as well as online connection) 

Online news. Social media. Advertisements. Influencers. YouTube.  Your brain is swamped by data on a daily basis. Your brain now takes in more information than it has ever done. No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

The more time you spend online, the more you are disconnected from real life

The more time you spend online, the more you have become disconnected from real life. And the real people surrounding you.

Your inner world is shaped by online influencers

Your inner world – your thoughts and beliefs –  is shaped by this online information and by these so-called ‘influencers’. Consider how much time you spend with your online connections versus and your ‘real life’ friends.

You are now more likely to be influenced by acquaintances on social media, rather than your besties and family members.

Where you spend your time online is going to influence how you feel about the world and your life. So choose wisely.  (If watching videos of the K family is going to make you negatively compare yourself to them, consider stop watching!)


Humans need real connection in order to thrive

Real life connection makes us feel good.  We have evolved to need our tribe. Being connected to the tribe kept us safe. Excluding people from the tribe (or ‘sending them to Coventry’ as they say in my country of origin) is one of the cruellest things you can do to a person. Disconnection is one of the surest ways for a human being to become depressed.

Online connection is a poor substitute for real life connection

This shallow connection provided in the online world might have got us through the pandemic, but it is REAL connection that heals us and will decrease anxiety levels.

We also tend to loose contact with our inner voice when we focus so much the online world.  Our focus becomes ‘out there’. We cut off from our bodies, we forget to listen to our inner world.


We need to disconnect from the online world 

(and connect more with real life and the natural world)

I’m currently visiting my family in England for the first time since before Covid. So I’m getting a lot of real connection and I’m lapping it up after two years of disconnection.

But I’m also taking time out to reconnect with myself and the natural world. This afternoon I spent time down by the river at the bottom of my mum’s garden. I just needed some quiet time to reconnect with the natural world. And I got it in spades. Ducks, Canada Geese and Swans. A riotously noisy afternoon!  Click the image to hear the ruckus.

Want to read more about this phenomenon of disconnection?

I’m reading a very cool book called ‘Disconnected’ by Emma Gannon – available from all good book retailers.

So why not close this email and “say hi to your mum for me” (thanks Rove)

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