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The Power of Touch: 3 simple ways to self-soothe – July 2024

7 ways to boost your brain energy and mental health – 20 June 2024


The upside of Menopause  – 17 June 2024



A (tongue-in-cheek) guide to menopause anger for men (and 5 tips to survive it) – 1 March 2024


Embracing neurodiversity in midlife with Beth Britton (17 Jan 2024)

How kindness kicked the *ss of my perfectionism and shame (14 Dec 2023)

Calming your commute (3 simple tips) (7 Dec 2023)

7 ways to rest this Christmas (1 Dec 2023)

The importance of play in adults: 5 ways play improves your mental health (23 Nov 2023)

5 simple ways to get out of a funk (9 Nov 2023)

Being yourself: why Jennifer Coolidge is my heroine (9 Nov 2023)

Embracing your uniqueness: being unapologetically you in business and life – with Naomi Gora of Brand Whisperers (26 Oct 2023)

Maybe you need a midlife rebellion – press the ‘F*ck it’ button (24 Oct 2023)

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