Testimonials and reviews for 1:1 therapy clients are not encouraged by professional psychotherapy associations as it can make a client feel like they have to please their therapist.  When in fact we want you to feel like you can bring ALL your feelings to a session – both good and bad.  So I stopped collecting testimonials for my 1:1 clients in early 2016.  Here are some recent testimonials from my workshops and older client testimonials for you to enjoy:


Feedback from workshops:


What did you like about the workshop?

“I learnt that I am not alone in how I feel.”

“It got me to think about and challenge things on a deep level.”

“It was so expressive and really helped me to define my goals, feelings and what is holding me back.”

“The location.  The size of the group. The focus/theme; worksheets and structure of the day.  Supportive atmosphere.”

“It was a good balance of individual and group activities.”

“It was great to meet and share time with like-minded ladies.  Everyone was open to talk about themselves and share their story.”

“Great blend of grounding, therapy and finishing up on a good vibe.”

“Similar ‘stories’, size of group, very accepting and nurturing.”



What 1:1 clients have said

K (female), Margate, June 2016

With her professional, non-judgmental and relaxing manner, Sarah provides a very caring and safe space to explore issues and to express emotions/release blocked energy through various techniques and movements.

Sarah has helped me reconnect with my life & inner strength; to be grounded in my body and to journey on with love, hope and celebration. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone needing support at any stage of life.

H (female), New Farm, January 2016

Sarah is one of those genuine, non judgmental healers, who has so far helped me be free of old negative feelings and thoughts which I have been carrying for years. She is so diverse and patient, one day we will be casting out my angry with a foam bat, the next we will be sitting quietly and talking. Sarah listens to you and takes you from where you need to go to free you from your own thoughts. While also giving you tools and practical methods to handle any self doubt or emotions that may arise.

A (female), Fitzgibbon, January 2016

After becoming anxiety riddled, depressed and emotionally blocked, I decided to seek the help of Sarah. I was dealing with many life changes, and my anxiety and stress levels were through the roof. I didn’t know how to cope anymore. Thank goodness for Sarah! She has helped me unblock my emotions, learn new ways of coping with stress and taught me how my mind and body are connected. My anxiety has reduced and I find coping day to day much easier and often use techniques Sarah has taught me in my everyday life. I highly recommend Sarah and will continue to see her and seek her help in my life. I am extremely grateful for her professional and caring help.

R (male), Scarborough June 2015

My reason for finding Sarah initially was that I was feeling quite low about myself for a number of personal reasons whilst failing to recognize what I had actually achieved in life. Instead I was focusing more on a relatively bleak future.

This wonderful lady has in quite a short time used her caring expertize to already assist me to walk taller and see a more stronger and more confident person in the mirror.

I feel most fortunate to have Sarah guiding me through difficult times in such a wonderful non judgemental way and I very much look forward to my appointments with her.

P (male), Brighton March 2015

I consider myself fortunate to have been referred to Sarah for psychotherapy support.  She explored my issues with patience, insight and sensitivity, focussing on my sense of well-being and guiding me toward more functional behaviours, with an integrity that I found very reassuring.  I recommend Sara to anyone seeking professional psychotherapy support.

J (female), Sandgate, Feb 2014

Sarah is excellent! She is caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable – the best therapist I have been to.   Her treatment room is an extremely relaxing and inviting space, which helps you immediately relax and calm your mind.

M (female), Boonah, Nov 2013

Sarah has gone above and beyond providing a blissful experience by leaving nothing out of her treatment room. Subtle aromatic oils, gentle lighting and soothing music all combine to create a wonderfully relaxing environment.

J (female), New Farm, Oct 2012

Sarah has a very warm, friendly and professional manner. I started to feel relaxed as soon as I walked in the door!

K (female), Boondall, Oct 2012

I would happily recommend Sarah to anyone.

M (female), Brighton, Sept 2012

Sarah has a lovely way of making you welcome and comfortable even before the treatment starts.