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To calm, to enliven or to rest your body, mind, and soul

Ready to feel more resourceful?

Here are some techniques for you to build up the resources inside of yourself. So that you can be ‘resourceful’ and have something to lean on when times get tough. (Like now!)

I’ve included a few of my favourite breathing, moving and resting resources to help you feel more like yourself again. You’ll find them under the headings ‘to calm’, ‘to enliven’ and ‘to rest’ as we can use breath, movement and the power of our minds to do all three.

How do you want to feel today?

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I want to feel rested

I want to feel rested

I want to feel calm

I want to feel calm

I want to feel enlivened

I want to feel enlivened

To calm

3 simple techniques to self-soothe when emotionally distressed

Three part breathing to help you relax

For more videos of techniques like these, try my short online course ‘Finding Calm in 7 Days’ – yours for just $29.  To find out more click here.


Three easy breathing techniques you can do in public

The Waterfall

Legs up the wall

Simple grounding techniques (feet and legs)

To rest

Off to sleep guided relaxation (30 mins)

Guided relaxation of the body (25 mins yoga nidra)

Cellular breathing guided relaxation

To enliven

Breathing & Moving to Energise

Three easy ways to reduce your anxiety:

movement, breathing and your senses.

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