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Laptop and trees - how to prepare for online therapy with Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and Counselling North Brisbane


How to prepare for your online therapy sessions with me

The benefits of online therapy sessions

The beauty of online therapy sessions is that you can be as far away from me as Tasmania, but still feel like you are just down the road.  And in times like these, the added bonus is that you can be as infectious as you like but not transmit the illness through the phone line. 

It’s also really convenient if you have limited time as it saves the drive time. And you don’t even have to leave your living room if you’re someone who doesn’t like to leave the house.

30 years of research show that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. If you are worried about the technology, give me a call and I’ll talk you through it.

During mentally testing times, keeping up your regular therapy sessions online is going to help.  We can talk about your fears, your anxiety and how isolation is impacting you. We can do breathing exercises and movement to help down-regulate your nervous system, shake off the tension and help you feel a lot more grounded and connected.

I’ve been offering clients the option of online therapy sessions for several years.  I also see my own therapist online because she lives in New York, so I’m really used to this medium.


Tips on sound, visual, privacy, and location for your online therapy session

This 4 min video gives you some tips to maximize your online experience so that you get the most pleasurable and effective online therapy session with me.

How to set up for your online therapy session with Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and Counselling North Brisbane

Click the image to watch the video


Setting up your online therapy session with me

If you’ve never had an online session with me, here are the few short steps you need to do to prepare for online therapy with me:

1. Book an appointment

Book an appointment using my online diary.  Select the “Online” option and then select the date and time that suits you.   



2. Download Zoom or Skype to your computer/laptop/tablet/phone

Zoom and Skype are free video conferencing software. Skype is a Microsoft product. Zoom works on both Microsoft and Apple.

You can download FREE versions of Skype and Zoom.  You just need to create an account.

For a computer go to either:  Zoom sign-up or Skype.

For a smartphone, you can find them both at the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store.


3. The larger the screen the better

We can have a session using your smartphone if you don’t have access to a laptop/computer.  But the bigger the screen, the better you will be able to see me. 

If you’re using a smartphone, make sure you have books/shelves/window ledge or something you can lean it up against so you can have your hands free.


4. Tell me your Skype ID or the email you want me to send the Zoom invite to

For Skype

My Skype ID is:  sarah.tuckett.ipod  (don’t ask….. I set it up 10 years ago in a technophobic moment). I will send you a ‘Skype friend request’ prior to our meeting so that we are connected. 

I will ‘call’ you at the appointment time.

For Zoom

For Zoom, please tell me the email address you want me to send your email invite to. I will send you an email invite prior to the session with the meeting link on it. 

Click on the link to open up the ‘meeting’.   Type in the password and you’ll be let into the meeting.

The link will come through in the email with info like this. Click on the link I have highlighted below in purple font, and it will open up in Zoom meetings:


5. Find a quiet space

Make sure you are in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.  The aim is to find a safe, confidential space for you to talk, just as if you were in my studio.  For that reason, make sure someone else is looking after the kids/pets and you will not be interrupted.  (Personal note. I find that cats are total drama queens as soon as you start a call and start wandering in front of the camera.)

Make sure there is space for you to stand up and lie down on the floor so that we can do breathwork and movement without you stubbing your toe or tripping over something. For this reason, sitting in your car is not ideal, but we can do it if that’s the only option.

Bedrooms, studies, and living rooms are great.


6. Technical Issues

Help button on computer - if you need help setting up technology for your online therapy session with Sarah Tuckett Psychotherapy and Counselling North Brisbane

Make sure you have the volume up on your computer speakers.

Plugin your computer/phone so that it doesn’t shut off halfway through.

Ensure you check the microphone is working on your computer.  If you have trouble with this, use the headphones that are usually supplied with your smartphone (they usually have a microphone on them).

If technology fails us, then I will call you using my mobile and we can talk it through on the phone.



So that’s it.  I look forward to supporting you online during these tricky times.

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