Menopause counselling

Find your spark again

Move through the meno-rage

Live life unapologetically your way!

Do you need support with emotional and mental challenges of perimenopause and menopause?

Hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia. Just a select few of the awesome physical symptoms of menopause. However, the hormonal changes in ‘reverse puberty’ also result in mental and emotional symptoms.


Your mental and emotional symptoms of menopause may include:

    • Anxiety (even if you’ve never had it before)
    • Depression
    • Panic attacks
    • Anger (or ‘meno-rage’ as I affectionally called mine)
    • Foggy head – finding it difficult to concentrate at work
    • Grieving the loss of youth
    • Feeling upset about changes to your body (and external pressure to still look ‘youthful’)
    • Changes to your libido and flow-on effects in your relationship
    • Feeling invisible in society (where are all the images of post-50 women in the media?)
    • Unsure of your purpose/position in society now that you are no longer of ‘breeding age’
    • Losing your confidence, joy, and sense of self.

Menopause is a gateway…

You are still a vibrant, powerful woman

It just takes small, courageous steps forwards through this challenging time. And I’m here to support you.

You don’t have to deal with this on your own. Why not get support from an experienced somatic psychotherapist and counsellor who has been through it herself?

Move over ‘maiden, mother, crone’ there’s a new queen in town

Her name is “Maga”

“Maga”  is Spanish for female magician. (Nothing to do with a certain orange-faced American dictator). Menopause can be a gateway to new, powerful phase of your life.

What would you like to achieve in the rest of your life? What do you want your legacy to be?

Perhaps the pressures from society and the frantic pace of life have caused you to disconnect from your inner voice. Your inner knowing.  And perhaps you’re living someone else’s desires and plans. Let me help you get back in touch with that place of inner knowing. The place where there are no words. Just a deep sense of knowing.

Anger might be a sign that something is wrong in your world

You may have put up with stuff before, but the reduction in your ‘lady helpfulness hormones’ (oestrogen and progesterone – thanks to the wonderful Caitlin Moran for that description) may mean that you are no longer willing to put up with that bullshit. Together we could work through this anger and help you find your voice.

Would you like to feel more calm, strong and certain?

Let’s work on down-regulating your nervous system, giving you tools that you can use yourself to feel calmer. So you’re able to focus on just one thing, and relish it, rather than trying to spread yourself too thin.

Hopefully, you will live more at ease

And do the things that you actually enjoy. Focusing on the relationships that you think are really important. Feeling more courageous.

How would you be if you dropped the ‘good girl’ mask, showed the world more of who you really are, and started to dive in to things that truly lit you up inside?

Let’s focus instead on

    • Learning to listen to your body, to the language of your inner voice
    • Learning techniques to down-regulate your nervous system so that you feel calmer and more energised
    • Throwing off the ‘good girl’ mask to see what lies beneath
    • Increasing your self-confidence
    • Setting boundaries and learning to say no (and mean it)
    • Spring cleaning your mind, shedding light on limiting beliefs, and stories that you have running in the background
    • Uncovering the silent fears that have been keeping you small (and learn how others have exactly the same fears)
    • Exploring your feminine power.

About your guide – Sarah Tuckett

Somatic psychotherapist, Anxiety Counsellor, and dance movement therapist based in Brisbane. 

I help clients get their life back from the grips of anxiety, stress, trauma, and more through individual therapy sessions and group movement therapy. I went through perimenopause in my 40’s and was officially in menopause at the age of 49 during Covid. I had my own brush with meno-rage, anxiety and insomnia. 

I burnt out in my 30s being the ‘good girl’

Fearful of not pleasing others and of being ‘not good enough’, I did supposedly prestigious jobs that felt hollow and jarred with the real me. I studied continuously trying to prove my worth through academic achievement. I sought permission and opinions, instead of listening to my own voice. I cowered under the weight of my perfectionism. The pressure of living up to false standards of ‘success’ caused me to burn out. Twice. Aged 30 and 35. 

But in my 40s I learned to say “No” and follow my heart

It wasn’t until my 40’s that I started to listen to my own voice and my own heart, that I started to follow my own path. I haven’t burnt out since. 

Now in my 50s it’s my time to help you

I would love to support you through your experience of menopause. I want to help you listen to your inner voice. To help you see the stories you’ve got running in the background, like redundant computer programs, that colour your decision-making.  To help you establish your boundaries.  And to help you rediscover what is important to you. To help you become your version of ‘Maga’.

Qualifications are important to some people, so here are mine:

I have been working full-time as a somatic psychotherapist and counsellor since 2015. I am a Clinical Professional member of PACFA (membership no’ 23732) and a Provisional Professional member of DTAA.  I have a Master of Mental Health (Psychotherapy) from University of Queensland (2018), Advanced Diplomas in Somatics and Dance-Movement Therapy (2019), Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy (2015 and 2019), and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy (2021). For my full qualifications please see About me

One of my clients described me as a ‘mental martial artist’  

 Because I helped her find her strength, her voice and her assertiveness. But I like to think of myself more as a ‘mental Flamenco dancer’ because I help you find your feminine power, passion and pride. 

Flamenco is the National dance of Spain.  It is passionate, powerful and sensual. They wear their emotions with pride.  And what’s more, the women take no BS from the men!   I like to think it’s my role to help you find your passion, power, and pride.

Black and white photo of woman dancing flamenco with castanets

I am a therapist, but I’m going to be guiding you like a coach

Each woman has a unique experience of the mental challenges of menopause. You are the expert of your life. However, my knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist will enable me to gently guide you through this transition. I can support if you feel overwhelmed by big emotions, or like my own Flamenco teacher, Diego, I can challenge you when it’s needed.

This stuff that’s holding you back from your desired life? It’s time to pack its bags and politely, yet firmly say Arrivederci! Because it’s your time for you to remember what it is to be in love with life again.

Through body awareness, breathing and movement we remember

Awareness of sensations in your body, breathing exercises, changes to posture and mindful movement. These are the tools we can use to increase your ability to be aware of your body so you can listen to the wisdom it’s trying to tell you.

As you move, images, thoughts, and feelings arise that connect you to your subconscious mind, to your core self.

Your mental flexibility increases, new possibilities open up in front of you, answers to questions suddenly revels themselves.

Connecting you to your inner reality so that you can remember who you really are.

Would you like to know more about somatic psychotherapy, dance-movement therapy and the other techniques I use? Click the gold box below.

Find out more about how I work!

Photo of Sarah Tuckett lying on a yoga mat in a green dress


/e’vːiva/ = Hurray! To life!

For women seeking to regain their calm, courage and confidence as they transition through perimenopause and menopause.

And those wanting to live a more vibrant life!

Private sessions with me

 Are you wondering what to expect in your initial session and subsequent sessions with me? 

You can find out more about what to expect in private sessions with me by clicking the gold button below. 

Find out about Individual Sessions

Would you like to talk to me?

If we’ve never met before and you’re a bit undecided about whether menopause counselling is right for you or not, let’s have a 15-minute chat on the phone/zoom to talk it through.  Completely confidential and with no obligation whatsoever. Just you and me having a chat.During busy times I might need you to join my waitlist, but I’ll contact you as soon as I can.

New clients enquire here

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

I work from a dedicated therapy studio at Stringybark Cottage, 2/35 Victoria Street, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059.

The studio is in a quiet, private location, surrounded by bamboo and a relaxing water feature. It feels a million miles away from the city, even though it is only 3km from Brisbane CBD.

Where can I park?

If there’s no car there, feel free to park in my carport. You can park for free for up to 2 hours in Victoria Street. 

What are your menopause counselling fees?

From 1 July 2022, my fees are $175 incl GST for an hour ($185 after hours)

Can I get a Medicare Rebate? Can I get a referral from my GP for the Mental Health Treatment Plan?
Sorry, no. I am not registered with Medicare. I am a private practitioner. Therefore, I cannot accept the Mental Health Treatment Plan referral from your GP. However, I keep my rates as low as possible so that it is comparable to the out-of-pocket gap you would pay to see a psychologist.
Can I get a rebate from my health insurance?

Yes. I am a provider for BUPA, Medibank Private, Ahm, Australian Regional Health Group (Police Health, St Luke’s Health, CUA Health, Phoenix Health Fund, and Emergency Services Health). The other health funds don’t cover counselling yet.

I will provide you with a receipt with my provider number and item code so that you can claim back from your health fund.

The amount of rebate depends on your cover/policy. Please speak to your health insurance fund about cover for ‘Counselling’.

Do you offer discounts for students/pensioners/unemployed?

No. I work in private practice. I try to keep my rates as low as possible so that they are affordable. If you are unable to afford my rates, I suggest you contact your GP about getting a referral to a psychologist or counsellor that is able to bulkbill.

I’ve just lost my job/been made redundant. I don’t think I can afford to pay your full fee – can I get a reduced fee?
If you are an existing client and you loose your income, please give me a call so we can discuss your situation and how I can support you at this critical time. It’s often when we need support the most that we can’t afford it. So let’s discuss how much you can afford, how often you need to see me and agree on a fee for a specific amount of time.
Do you offer couples counselling?

No. I recommend Sarah Forman (based on the Gold Coast who also offers Zoom sessions) 

My colleagues Elena di Fabio and Dana Savage in Kallangur specialise in same-sex counselling  – Somatic Studio

What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?
Counselling is a shorter-term process when a client has just one issue they are looking for help with e.g. a relationship breakdown. However, they are not wanting to look deeper than that.

In psychotherapy we’re taking the process deeper, looking at:

  • Your patterns of behaviour (e.g. panic attacks or how you in self-sabotage relationships);
  • Your beliefs and thought processes;
  • How historical events in your life may have an impact on your behaviour now;
  • How you behave and feel in relationship with others;
  • Looking at the root causes of problems (and how you may have participated in them).

It takes time for these issues to form in you. So it will take time for us to link experiences together and form new patterns. So somewhere between 6 sessions and many.

Read more about this in my blog post:

How many sessions will I need?

Somewhere between a few and many.  It depends on what’s going on for you, how much time and money you want to spend on your mental wellbeing. 

It also depends on your personal viewpoint towards mental health.  Do you just want to get support around a particular issue? (Like going the GP to get painkillers for an injury).  Or do you want to work through things as they arise, develop deeper connections with those you care about, and generally improve your quality of life?  (This is more like going to a gym or physio to work on your body to prevent future injuries and feel better in your body).

Read more in my blog:

How often should I come to see you?

Some clients come to see me every week at the beginning so that we get to know each other and I can support you in whatever you are going through.

The majority of clients come to see me once a fortnight. Keeping a regular session is key to your progression. If we leave it any longer than that it’s more difficult for me to support you through difficult times, and I find we spend most of the session catching up on your life rather than delving into the important feelings, thoughts and behaviours.


What should I wear?

Something comfortable you can move in without feeling restricted. In some postures you will be lying on the ground with your legs up in the air, so for that reason skinny jeans and short skirts are not ideal. There is private space for you to change if necessary.



What is your Cancellation Policy?

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. The cancellation policy exists so that I have time to offer your vacated session to another client during these times of peak demand.

Cancellations within 48-24 hours may incur 50% of the session fee.  Cancellations with 24 hours may incur the full session fee.  Exemptions may be granted at my discretion under the circumstances listed in the emergency cancellation section below.

My online diary will send you an automated email reminder of your appointment 3 days prior. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please use the button in the email to access the online diary, or contact me on 0450 22 00 59.  Please note that you will not be able to reschedule your appointment online within 48 hours of the session time. In this instance, you will need to contact me on 0450 22 00 59.

Missed appointments without notice will incur the full session fee (except under the circumstances listed in the emergency cancellation section below).

Emergency Circumstances
If the reason for cancellation is due to illness, family emergency, or extreme weather event you will not be charged the cancellation fee.  Please note that is left to personal judgment whether it is safe to travel during extreme weather events.  In these circumstances, I request that you reschedule your appointment when possible so that we can continue your personal development.

What happens when I want to end therapy with you?

You are free to end your work with me at any time.  However, if you are considering terminating your treatment with me, I request that you bring this up with me in a timely manner – at least 2 sessions before you plan to stop – so that we can explore the reasons behind this.  Sometimes clients consider ending treatment when uncomfortable or painful emotions start coming to consciousness. My role is to help you navigate and integrate these emotions, rather than abandon your process at what may be a critical point in your treatment.

If either of us decide to end the therapeutic relationship, I will always offer you a session for closure.  This is so that we can both end the relationship in a way that feels good to both of us.  It’s a model for how you can end other relationships in your life in a pleasant way.

Do you ever talk about me to anyone else?

Everything you discuss with me is held in strict confidentiality.  The only person I may discuss your case with will be my supervisor, and your identity will not be revealed. The reason I discuss cases with my supervisor is to check that my work is free from bias and that I am giving you the best possible treatment.

There are circumstances where I am required under Law to break this confidentiality:

  • If you are a danger to yourself;
  • If you are a danger to another person;
  • If there is a reason to suspect that child or elder abuse is present;
  • Under subpoena from a Court.
I’m running late should I call you?
Please be on time. I will be expecting you. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please call me on 0450 22 00 59.
Can I go to the pub before my session?
No. Not even on Melbourne Cup Day. Please do not attend a session under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Can I go to the pub after my session?
Body psychotherapy is dynamic and experiential. It often evokes powerful feelings and emotions. Please give yourself time after a session to allow feelings to come to the surface and integrate. It is probably best NOT to go to social events/gatherings right after a session if possible. Instead you may want to take a walk or spend time writing in a journal after your session.