Lemon day lists

What’s on your lemon day list?

When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade or do you reach for the brownies? “CAKE STAT!” is a totally valid response in my opinion. But it’s a b*gger for the waistline.

A lemon day list is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a very simple idea – a list of things that can cheer you up or distract you when life really sucks.

Then keep your lemon day list accessible for when you really need it.

(Pro tip: stick it on the fridge door to prevent emergency cheese incursions)


Here’s my lemon day list:

1. Walk outside and get fresh air into my lungs
2. Take off my shoes and feel the connection with the earth under my feet
3. Play with my animals for 5 minutes
4. Drink a big glass of water in case I’m dehydrated
5. Call a friend
6. Go to the local cafe for a delicious chai latte
7. Go and work from another location e.g. library or café
8. Put on essential oils in the vaporiser
9. Play my cello (loudly) (but with the doors closed because I’m still shizz)
10. Put on Adele and sing really loud (sorry neighbours…). I find vocal expression really helps shift my mood

(Only when all the above have failed….) Eat brownies.


Here’s a lemon list template for you

I made a template for you so that you can make one of your own









I hope this helped you

Sarah Tuckett

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