How to make great decisions

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How to make great decisions (or New Year resolutions)

“Live your best life!” “Be the best version of yourself!” Ugh. Is anyone else feeling exhausted by this constant pressure to have an AMAAAAZING life? What if you didn’t have to ‘make an impact’? What if you could just be a lovely human being that others like to be around? The audio recording below will teach you how to make great decisions that are more in line with your inner world. So you can ignore all the messaging on social media and instead tune into your real wants and needs for 2022.


How come we don’t listen to our bodies all the time?

Your upbringing, your life experiences, and the beliefs you inherit along the way from family, community, and society can sometimes lead you to make decisions based on what you think you ‘ought’ to do, rather than what you really want, or what you really need.

We listen to other people’s views and sometimes absorb them. We internalise them. Then we make decisions that are not really aligned with our values and goals. These decisions feel jarring because they’re not coherent with our inner world.


How do we stop this?

So how do we stop ourselves from people-pleasing?  How do we make better decisions?

Listen to your body. 

Your body will be giving you instant feedback about how you feel about a particular decision.  If you take the time to slow down, you will notice shifts in physical sensations, breathing, emotions, and more when you think about different options that lie before you.


Here’s your audio recording teaching you how to make great decisions using your body as a barometer

This 30-min audio recording will take you through an easy exercise using your body as a barometer.  So that you can tap into how you REALLY feel about a particular option.  So that you can make great decisions that are more in line with your real wants and desires, rather than your autopilot response.

Settle in somewhere comfy and click the image below to play your audio.



You can also find this audio on my Thinkific site

If you’ve already signed up for my other Thinkific courses you can find this audio online there too. You can also download it to your device. Simply sign-in and click ‘enrol’ and you’re good to go.

You can create a login on Thinkific anytime for free. It’s a learning management platform where I store my courses (some are free and some you have to pay for).


That’s it from me in 2021

In 2022 I’m aiming for the simple life surrounded by people, activities, and things that bring me pleasure. I’m aiming for glorious mediocrity! But most importantly, I’m going to take my time and make decisions that are more aligned with my inner world, my values, and my needs.

I hope that you now know how to make great decisions in 2022 too.

Take care

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