How often should I have a therapy session?

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How often should I have a therapy session?

Everything in nature has a rhythm. Day and night, our heartbeat, and the healing cycles in the body. So should therapy.

People suffering from anxiety or depression need a space held for them. They need- and benefit from- regular therapy sessions. 

It’s like learning a new musical instrument or sport – you need regular practice to learn this new skill.  And that’s exactly what’s going on in your brain and nervous system in therapy – you’re learning about yourself, creating new neural pathways, increasing mental flexibility and un-learning unhelpful patterns.


I usually schedule sessions either fortnightly or every 4 weeks

So moving forward I will be scheduling regular therapy sessions at either fortnightly or 4-weekly intervals – depending on your need. 

Note. If you are new to therapy or you are in crisis we can do weekly if you need it for as long as you need it.


Let’s find a regular timeslot for your session

Where possible*, let’s find a timeslot that works for you and we keep to that timeslot. Then it’s yours and no one else can snaffle it.  

This regularity will hold you accountable for your emotional growth work. You can book up to 3 months in advance to hold your preferred slot.  Obviously we will work around illness, holidays and Queensland epic weather events. 

*I realise that some of you have to work around rosters/shift work/medical appointments/caring for others etc and that this may not be possible for you.

Please know that 5.30pm is the most competitive timeslot Monday-Wednesday. If you are someone who has more flexible working arrangements and can see me at other times, please do as some people can only see me during those slots. 


A typical flow through therapy

A typical flow through therapy might look like this:

Month 1: Initially see me weekly for 4 weeks to build up our relationship and trust (or whilst you’re going through a crisis)

Month 2 and 3: See me fortnightly

Months 4+:  See me either fortnightly or monthly – depends on your budget and availability


You do not need to spend your life in therapy

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend the rest of your life in therapy. Maybe 3 months is all you need.  Or 3 years. Up to you. I see some people for 2 sessions and some people for 6 years. It’s all ‘horses for courses’.

You can take breaks from therapy and pop back to see me again when you need me. Some people come back years later when they need to work through a new issue.


Want to book a regular slot?

Let’s talk about frequency and ideal times for you in your initial session. For those of you who are existing clients and who want to book a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly spot, please register your interest in working with me here…  ENQUIRE HERE

Warmest regards

Sarah Tuckett




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Three easy ways to reduce your anxiety:

movement, breathing and your senses.

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