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Yay you’re here! Welcome to the Evviva project. On this page you’ll find all your Evviva chapters and supporting videos. Jump to a chapter:


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Chapter Zero: Introduction

Your Workbook – Chapter Zero

Video: Wonder Woman Pose

Audio: Checking in with your body

Chapter 1: Safety

Workbook: Chapter 1 – Safety

Video: Grounding through the 5 senses

Video: Butterfly hug

Video: Bell ringing

Video: Shaking off the tension

Video: Micromovements out of freeze

Video: ‘Havening’ of the arms

Video: Grounding your toes

Video: The Waterfall

Chapter Two: Recovery

Your Workbook – Chapter Zero

Video: Peter Levine’s Circular Breathing

Video: 3-part somatic breathing

Video: Sun breathing

Playlist: Breathing to Relax

Chapter 3: Discovery

Workbook: Chapter 3 – Discovery

PDF: The (slightly sweary) 6-week gratitude journal

Link to App: 3 good things

Video: Heart-opening breathing

Video: Fern unfurling
(the strength of your spine)

Audio: Moving to the rhythm of your breath

Audio: Moving like a cat
(moments of pleasure)

Links: The online strengths tests

Audio: Finding your own power pose

Chapter Four: Possibility

Your Workbook – Chapter Four

Video: Growling into a towel

Video: Moving your anger

Video: 3 consent poses

Video: Wonder Woman Pose

Playlist: Shake it off

Sarah Tuckett's playlist on Spotify

Chapter 5: Creativity

Workbook: Chapter 5 – Creativity

Video: Flowing Reichian breathing

Chapter Six: Evviva!

Your Workbook – Chapter Six

Video: Your Evviva Ritual

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Frequently asked questions

Perhaps one of these might answer your burning questions about the program. But if it doesn't feel free to email me or book a discovery call/zoom.
Are you worried about "dancing"?
Ok, let’s get something straight first up.  This is not about ‘dancing’ per se.  You CAN dance if you want to. Movement therapy is not about following dance routines, looking amazing, or kicking your heel up by your ear. This is about MOVEMENT.  You move all day, every day. Swiping your phone, cooking dinner. But in dance-movement therapy this is about letting your body move you. Waiting and listening for your body’s impulses to move.  And when you do that, the magic happens…  All you have to do is listen.  When you’re dancing, everyone will be so engrossed in listening to the instructions that they won’t have time to look at you.  And if they’re looking at anything, they’ll be looking at me, wondering if they’re doing the right thing.  Or they’ll be looking at their dog/cat that just tried to join in. Everything is offered as an invitation. There is no ‘have to’ or ‘should’.  If you want to lie on the floor the entire session, go for it!
Will it be secure?
The program is delivered via Zoom, with a secure password and waiting room. No one else will be in the group except us.
I'm too shy to be in a group? What would I have to offer a group?
I’d like you to consider something… What if someone’s life is enriched just by you being there?  What if a kind word or a kind glance totally makes their day? What if you say one comment and it sparks a life-changing revelation for another person. It causes them to reconsider long-held beliefs and totally change the way they thought about themselves.  I know this is true because it happened for me in groups that I was in. Just one comment from a peer totally changed my self-view.
Will it be confidential? Will other members talk about me to other people?
This will be a safe, confidential group environment. I will make that very clear upfront and remind everyone in the first session.  You can tell others about your personal experience during the program, but you are not allowed to talk about anyone else or what they experienced.  Equally, you are not here to therapise or analyse your peers. You are there to witness them so that they are truly heard and seen. You can say how you felt about a certain thing, but please don’t tell someone else what they may be thinking or feeling.
What am I going to learn from a group that I couldn’t learn from a 1:1 situation?
Being part of a group has so many benefits:

  • Your personal growth within a group setting is often more powerful than individual work as you will feel the support of your peers.
  • It gives you an opportunity to see how others affect you, and how you affect others. You may find a group member’s process moving, triggering your own emotions and allowing you to express whatever needs to come up.
  • Through interaction with group members, you get to discover and accept previously unknown or unacceptable parts of yourself.
  • You learn that you are not alone in dealing with certain emotions/situations.
  • It’s a chance to connect with like-minded people in your community and feel a sense of belonging.
  • In addition, you learn from the feedback of your peers. The group becomes a mini-version of the outside world where you get to try out new behaviours and get feedback. New neural pathways are created!
What if I can't make all the dates of the course?
That’s a bummer.  If you are going on holiday take us with you! All you need is a phone/tablet/laptop, good connection, and space to move. I’ve done online dance classes from hotel rooms.  This is designed as a 6-week program so you can’t just dip in and out. There are no discounts if you have to miss a week. But the Zoom session will be recorded and emailed to all participants.
Will the Zoom call be recorded?
Yes the movement parts of the call and me talking will be recorded and sent to you after the session. From memory, Zoom keeps the recording for about 7 days for us. The breakout rooms will  NOT be recorded and you can also ask me to pause recording at any time.