The modern woman’s program for navigating the f*ckery of mid-life

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/e’vvːiva/ = Hurray! To life!

Evviva! regain your zest for life

Find your va-va voom in 60 seconds!

How do you want to feel right now: Powerful? Playful? Present?
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“The gift you give yourself”

Weds 6 December 23 on Zoom 7-8.30pm AEST (Brisvegas time)

1.5 hour group Zoom session

Grounding and calming techniques

Experientials to take you deeper

Listening to your inner voice

Wear your sparkles or your PJs up to you!

Investment $ZERO AUD (my gift to you!)

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Wednesday 31 January 2024 on Zoom 7-8.30pm AEST (Brisvegas)

1.5 hour group Zoom session

Grounding and calming techniques

Experientials to take you deeper

Listening to your inner voice

Investment $49 AUD

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Does this sound familiar?

“Nothing was exciting me. Am I alive? Is this really what life’s gonna be? I think especially when you have kids, you have this routine of things that just need to get done. And you forget to do the things that make you feel alive. It’s just too hard.”


“I felt like there was no real joy in my life. I’d been feeling like I needed to do something more fun. What am I doing? When was the last time I laughed?”


“Somewhere along the way I let go of my own hopes and dreams in order to look after everyone else. Now I’m 48 and I’m in peri-menopause and I’m effing furious. I feel anxious, old, and alone in this. Is it too late for me?”

Are you exhausted from looking after everyone else?

Would 16 year-old you recognise the woman you’ve become?

Do you fear that it’s too late to get ‘you’ back?

Exhausted and burnt-out

as your nervous system reels from having to cope with life, work, responsibilities and now your hormones going wobbly or awol

Resentful or angry

with others, and yourself because you haven’t followed your dreams

Anxious or depressed

one of the many wonderful side effects of menopause and peri-menopause


that if you DO try something that you want you will be laughed at or rejected by others


as society’s gaze turns to your more youthful counterparts. Ignored, unseen, unheard

Lost and adrift

without a defined purpose in society now that you are no longer of ‘breeding age’

It’s about damn time that mid-life and menopause got a rebrand


I don’t know about you, but the phrase ‘middle-aged’ makes me think of peasants in fifth century England eating turnips.

Menopause still feels like a word that should be uttered under your breath in polite company (along with gusset, merkin and moist).

“Autumn Queen” makes me think of the Golden Girls.


None of these words gel with my personal experience of my 40s and 50s.

We need to re-write what it means to be a woman in these middling years.

Shifting the narrative away from it being ‘crazy lady time’ and rebrand mid-life and menopause as a time where you step into your power, experience and queenly energy.



Taking you from burnt-out beige to the technicolour possibilities of your mid-life

How would you like to feel this year?

Black and White photo of young blond woman looking up to sky, her hair is being blown by the wind

Calmer and with more energy

Evviva will teach you how to turn down the volume on the external world and turn UP the volume on your internal world. Slowing things down, calming the farm to decrease your level of anxiety and stress. Finding ways of resting that resonate with YOU.

More confident and connected to your inner knowing

Reconnecting with your heart and your gut instinct – that inner sense of ‘knowing’ – so that you move forward confidently in life by listening to your own wisdom, so that you feel more at ease with yourself and your life.

Living a life aligned with your strengths, values and needs

You are already ‘enough’. It’s just that the pressures from society and the frantic pace of life have caused you to disconnect from your inner voice, your needs and dreams. Evviva will help you crystalise your core strengths, values and your needs, so that you start living a life that is aligned with YOU.

Being unapologetically YOU

Standing up for yourself and learning how to hold your boundaries with kindness and compassion and try out your “no”. Backing yourself and putting your needs up there as equal to others.

Dropping the ‘good girl’ mask and telling perfectionism to p*ss off. Showing the world more of who you really are, and trying out things that truly light you up inside.

Experiencing more fun, play and vibrancy

Woo hoo YOUR favorite ways of having REAL fun, playfulness and connection. Perhaps with a smidge of rebellion! Connecting with others in ways that fill you up, not deplete you.

Ready to rediscover the vibrant woman within you?

Listen to your inner voice, and

Become more unapologetically YOU?


Here’s what past Evviva graduates have said:

“I intellectualize everything and I learn all this theory and I do research on that… And then sometimes I’m going but why isn’t actually anything changing? But I feel like the Evviva live sessions were where change actually happened. I felt the change in my body!”


“The Havening technique blew my mind. That was really helpful.”


After Evviva: “It reminds me to open up myself to new things, new ideas. I realized I taken a step out of my comfort zone without even realizing I had been in one. I’m starting to awaken to the things I really want again, feeling the possibilities again of what might excite me.”


“I loved the “Doormat to Diva exercise”  embracing your diva. I was this exciting person that took risks. Now I remember her!”


After Evviva: “I started wearing more color. I’ve been going out more and one of my friends said “you’re getting back to like all your fun quirky’ness”. I’m feeling more like myself again.”

About your guide – Sarah Tuckett

Somatic psychotherapist, counsellor, and dance movement therapist based in Brisbane 

Nowadays I help clients get their life back from the grips of anxiety, stress, trauma, and more through 1:1 sessions and group movement therapy.  But back in my 20s and 30s, I was living someone else’s idea of a successful life… and it didn’t work well for me. 

I burnt out in my 30s. Twice

Fearful of not pleasing others and of being ‘not good enough’, I did supposedly prestigious jobs that felt hollow and jarred with the real me. I studied continuously trying to prove my worth through academic achievement. I sought permission and opinions, instead of listening to my own voice. I cowered under the weight of my perfectionism. And my boundaries were pretty porous.

The pressure of living up to false standards of ‘success’ caused me to burn out twice. 

In my 40s I learned to listen to my own voice, my own heart

It wasn’t until I started to listen to my own voice and my own heart, that I started to follow my own path. I haven’t burnt out since. I allowed by myself to be drawn to activities and people. I gave myself permission to press the ‘F*ck it’ button and also rest when needed.

I went through menopause just before my 50th birthday so I understand the challenges some of you might be facing as you transition.

Now in my 50s, it’s my time to help you be more YOU

I want to guide you to listen to your inner voice.  To help you learn how to calm and soothe yourself, rest and relax. Then help you establish your boundaries.  And to help you rediscover what is important to you – your dreams and your desires for your glorious mid-life. 

Qualifications are important to some people, so here are mine:

I have been working full-time as a psychotherapist since 2016. I am a Clinical Professional member of PACFA (membership no’ 23732) and a Professional member of DTAA (DMT Prof) Reg.No. 223-02.  I have a Master of Mental Health (Psychotherapy) from University of Queensland (2018), Graduate Diploma of Somatics and Dance-Movement Therapy (2023), Diplomas of Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy (2015 and 2019), and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy (2021). For my full qualifications please see About me

Give me 6 weeks to help you re-discover your va-va-voom

I take my role seriously but I’m not a serious psychotherapist

In fact one of my clients described me as a ‘mental martial artist’  

Because I helped her find her strength, her voice and her assertiveness. But I like to think of myself more as a ‘mental Flamenco dancer’ because I help you reconnect with your feminine passions, strength and your inner voice.

Our sense of our self comes from awareness of how we hold our body and move through space. Through movement and posture we remember, feel and change.

I combine techniques from dance-movement therapy, somatic psychotherapy and positive psychology to help you connect with your inner knowing, your feelings and start living more from that place.

Black and white photo of woman dancing flamenco with castanets

In this program, I’m going to be guiding you like a coach

However, my knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist will underpin everything we do.

I can support if you feel overwhelmed by big emotions, or I can challenge you when it’s needed.

This stuff that’s holding you back from your desired life? It’s time to pack its bags and politely, yet firmly say Adios!

Because it’s your time for you to remember what it is to be in love with life again.

Week 1 Safety

Finding a place of safety and calm in body and mind (because so many of us are operating from a place of exhaustion or stuck in fight/flight). Learning about your nervous system and simple somatic exercises (breathing, posture, movement) to help you self-regulate

Week 2 Recovery

Learning your favorite ways to rest and recover your energy so that you can be glorious once more. Discovering how your hormones (or lack of) impact your mood and thoughts and how to live more in tune with your natural rhythms.

Week 3 Discovery

Rediscovering you. Listening to your heart and body – reconnecting with your inner world through sensations, movement and breathing. Hushing the external chatter so you can hear your inner voice. Connecting with your core happiness, your strengths, values and goals

Week 4 Possibility

Working on your mindset and the blocks that stop you from embodying or sharing your brilliance. Saying hello to your anger and learning to hold boundaries. Giving perfectionism and people-pleasing their marching orders. Throw off the shackles of expectation and live the life YOU want

Week 5 Creativity

Exploring your version of playfulness, flow and social connection. Helping you have more fun and bring your glorious skills and talents to the world

Week 6 Evviva!

Bringing it all together into one glorious masterplan for world domination having a satisfyingly awesome life and sharing your gifts with the world

How will we be Evviva’ing?

Each week

Each week I will email you a chapter of the Evviva workbook which contains material to help you understand yourself, exercises for self-reflection, and somatic exercises to help you feel (videos and audios).

4 x workshops (1.5 hours) over Zoom

In weeks 1, 3, 5 and 6 there is the option for us to meet as group over Zoom and explore the content of the workbook, your thoughts plus we will explore a different topic (see below) following a similar format:  

1. We will begin with some guided movement and breathing.

2. You will then be led into an experiential of discovery, where you will be encouraged to move your own way and rediscover your inner world.

3. This will be followed by time for self-reflection to help you integrate your inner thoughts and feelings.

4. You will have the opportunity to share your experience in small groups if you wish. 

• Please note that each session will predominantly be about moving and self-reflection. There will be very little talking. 

Enrolments closed – join the waitlist

So what do you get with Evviva?


4 x 1.5 hour group sessions (optional attendance)

Grounding and calming techniques

Experientials to take you deeper

Listening to your inner voice


A chapter emailed to you each week containing self-awareness excercises for your mind and body

(with supporting videos and audios)


Support from Sarah
in-between group sessions
via email or SMS

(Up to a max of 20 mins each week)

Why does Evviva work?

Because it uses embodied emotional empowerment


Embodiment: feeling connected to your body, having an awareness of your physical self at the same time as your mental or spiritual self

Bringing your awareness outwards from just your mental experience to your ‘whole being’

Creating coherence and alignment between your body and mind

So that you FEEL and KNOW with certainty what you really need and desire

An important note for those who don’t think they can dance

Movement therapy is not necessarily about ‘dancing’.

Dance-movement therapy IS about

  • Slowing it down and listening to the sensations and impulses of your body
  • Letting your body move you
  • Movement but not necessarily ‘dancing’
  • Improving your awareness of your body (sensations, posture, how you move and how you don’t)
  • Accessing your somatic memory and your unconscious mind
  • Expanding your range of motion and your corresponding mental flexibility.
Sarah Tuckett doing dance-movement therapy

Dance-movement therapy is NOT about

  • Learning dance routines
  • Performing for others
  • What you look like on the outside
  • Talking/venting

The Eviva! program is right for you if …

  • You have had enough of living someone else’s life and want to step into the joyful, vibrant mid-life you’d always dreamed of
  • You feel a calling to let go of past limitations in your life and step into your strengths
  • You have a curious mind and want to use movement and breathing to tap into your unconsious mind
  • You like moving your body (or think you could get into the swing of it)
  • You are in mid-life (late 30’s or over)
  • You are committed to attending the 6 weeks of the program. Your program-sisters gain emotional support from your presence. Your absence will affect them
  • You are happy to participate as a confidential, non-judgmental, and compassionate member of the group

Eviva! may not be for you if …

  • You don’t really like being in your body (trauma can make us feel like this) – seeing me for 1:1 therapy might be best for you at the moment.
  • You don’t like moving your body (this course is about moving).
  • You have been diagnosed with a personality disorder, are managing an active addiction or disordered eating, are suicidal, or have been recently hospitalized for a mental health issue – seeing a clinical psychologist might be best for you right now.
  • You know you can talk the hind leg off a donkey. This is not a ‘talking’ therapy group. There will not be a lot of time for unloading or processing feelings (max 15 minutes at the end of each group session)
  • You want somewhere to vent your feelings. The focus in this group is on personal growth, self-inquiry and reflection through movement and experience
  • You know you are someone who dominates a group discussion. My focus is on the group as a whole, giving everyone equal air-time

Bringing a group of people together for a great experience is like creating a girl group like the Spice Girls. We want to make sure that the personalities are going to complement each other and that no one is going to dominate the group. 

If you’re not a ‘group’ person, individual therapy might be a better fit for you. I’m happy to listen, contact me on

Evviva! Next intake 5 Feb 2024

Enrolments will open soon. In the meantime register your interest by clicking the glorious gold button below (or anywhere on this page) to join the waitlist.


Beaming via Zoom to your living room, bedroom, hotel room on a Wednesday night 7-8.30pm.  If you go away, just join in via your phone/tablet/laptop. The Zoom details will be emailed to you once you sign-up.

The movement section of the call and me talking will be recorded and will be sent to you afterwards. Any breakout rooms will not be recorded and you can ask me to pause recording at any time.

Group size 

Maximum 10 women.  Minimum numbers apply. 


Super-awesome early-bird fee of $449 AUD including GST if you book before 6pm AEDT on Fri 2 February 2024

(PLUS If you come to the January 2024 webinar you get an additional $49 discount – pay only $400).

Standard rate $499 incl GST.  Non-refundable deposit of $99 AUD.

To register your interest 

Please use the golden button below to fill in the enquiry form. Once we’ve talked/emailed I’ll then send you the payment link. 

If we’ve never met before 

I’d love to have an informal phone chat with you, just to make sure that group work is the right thing for you. Hit the golden button and tell me all about you. I’ll get in touch to arrange a convenient time to chat. 

Woo hoo join the Evviva waitlist!

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 1 week prior to the programme start date will receive a refund less the non-refundable deposit. Email Sarah at  Exemptions may be made at Sarah’s discretion for emergencies. 

Refund Policy

If you start Evviva and decide within 7 days that it’s not for you, I am happy to refund you what you have paid less the non-refundable deposit. Please talk to me and tell me why you are not satisfied because I really want to help. Email Sarah at  Exemptions may be made at Sarah’s discretion for emergencies.

Would you like to talk to me first before you commit?

If we’ve never met before and you’re a bit undecided about whether it’s right for you or not. Let’s have a 15-minute chat on the phone/zoom to talk it through.  Completely confidential and with no obligation whatsoever. Just you and me chatting on the phone/zoom.

Book your discovery call here

Frequently asked questions

Perhaps one of these might answer your burning questions about the program. But if it doesn't feel free to email me or book a discovery call/zoom.
Are you worried about "dancing"?
Ok, let’s get something straight first up.  This is not about ‘dancing’ per se.  You CAN dance if you want to. Movement therapy is not about following dance routines, looking amazing, or kicking your heel up by your ear. This is about MOVEMENT.  You move all day, every day. Swiping your phone, cooking dinner. But in dance-movement therapy this is about letting your body move you. Waiting and listening for your body’s impulses to move.  And when you do that, the magic happens…  All you have to do is listen.  When you’re dancing, everyone will be so engrossed in listening to the instructions that they won’t have time to look at you.  And if they’re looking at anything, they’ll be looking at me, wondering if they’re doing the right thing.  Or they’ll be looking at their dog/cat that just tried to join in. Everything is offered as an invitation. There is no ‘have to’ or ‘should’.  If you want to lie on the floor the entire session, go for it!
Will it be secure?
The program is delivered via Zoom, with a secure password and waiting room. No one else will be in the group except us.
I'm too shy to be in a group? What would I have to offer a group?
I’d like you to consider something… What if someone’s life is enriched just by you being there?  What if a kind word or a kind glance totally makes their day? What if you say one comment and it sparks a life-changing revelation for another person. It causes them to reconsider long-held beliefs and totally change the way they thought about themselves.  I know this is true because it happened for me in groups that I was in. Just one comment from a peer totally changed my self-view.
Will it be confidential? Will other members talk about me to other people?
This will be a safe, confidential group environment. I will make that very clear upfront and remind everyone in the first session.  You can tell others about your personal experience during the program, but you are not allowed to talk about anyone else or what they experienced.  Equally, you are not here to therapise or analyse your peers. You are there to witness them so that they are truly heard and seen. You can say how you felt about a certain thing, but please don’t tell someone else what they may be thinking or feeling.
What am I going to learn from a group that I couldn’t learn from a 1:1 situation?
Being part of a group has so many benefits:

  • Your personal growth within a group setting is often more powerful than individual work as you will feel the support of your peers.
  • It gives you an opportunity to see how others affect you, and how you affect others. You may find a group member’s process moving, triggering your own emotions and allowing you to express whatever needs to come up.
  • Through interaction with group members, you get to discover and accept previously unknown or unacceptable parts of yourself.
  • You learn that you are not alone in dealing with certain emotions/situations.
  • It’s a chance to connect with like-minded people in your community and feel a sense of belonging.
  • In addition, you learn from the feedback of your peers. The group becomes a mini-version of the outside world where you get to try out new behaviours and get feedback. New neural pathways are created!
What if I can't make all the dates of the course?
That’s a bummer.  If you are going on holiday take us with you! All you need is a phone/tablet/laptop, good connection, and space to move. I’ve done online dance classes from hotel rooms.  This is designed as a 6-week program so you can’t just dip in and out. There are no discounts if you have to miss a week. But the Zoom session will be recorded and emailed to all participants.
Will the Zoom call be recorded?
Yes the movement parts of the call and me talking will be recorded and sent to you after the session. From memory, Zoom keeps the recording for about 7 days for us. The breakout rooms will  NOT be recorded and you can also ask me to pause recording at any time.