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Eviva! embodied emotional empowerment - July 2022


/e’vːiva/ = Hurray! To life!

For seekers of confidence, courage and those wanting to live a more vibrant life.

Does this sound familiar?

“I feel like I’m not enough. I’m never enough. “

“It feels like everyone around me is having babies and marrying. If you don’t do that, you have to be excellent in your career, because otherwise what’s your value to society?”

“I feel invisible as I’m ageing. I’m no longer able to trade on my looks like I used to. I feel like no one sees me anymore.”

“I think I struggle a lot with distinguishing between which of these feelings are my own, and which ones are kind of imposed by society, or ones that I think I should be wanting.”

“I make decisions based on fear, and what I think I should do, rather than what I actually want. I think it’s related to people pleasing.”

I feel like I am constantly failing to live up to this idea of a ‘best life’. I am burning out.”


Do you feel like life has not gone to plan?

Let me unequivocally tell you, I am not surprised. Today, our culture praises competition and achievement over connection and expansion.

We have been brought up to constantly strive, people-please, and dismiss our own needs so much that we’ve lost contact with ourselves.

We’ve lost our voices, and we’ve lost our self-confidence.

Not only does this lead to a speedy case of burn out, it also means we end up hiding some really delicious parts of ourselves that we long to share with the world. We end up living a life that fits someone else’s mould. We live our lives from a place of fear.


We are Fear-Full:

    • Fear of rejection. Worrying about what others might think of us, worrying about being judged, that we’re not going to ‘make the grade’.
    • Fear of failure, of being canceled, of being judged as ‘less than’.
    • Fearful that we are simply ‘not enough’.
    • Ignoring or silencing our inner voice and listening to the voices of everyone else instead, taking on their views, their opinions.
    • Feeling resentful or angry with ourselves because we haven’t spoken up.
    • Feeling paralyzed by perfectionism.
    • Fear of not being liked. People pleasing. Staying small so that others don’t dislike us or worse.
    • Allowing people to smash our boundaries so that they think we’re a ‘nice girl’ or a ‘good woman’
    • Losing our confidence, joy, our voice, and sense of self.

Remember the dreams and desires of your youth…

You can still be that woman

It just takes small, courageous steps forwards. And I’m here to guide you

Eviva! is about

Learning how to calm your anxious nervous system and deal with overthinking.

Listening to your inner voice so that you feel less hijacked by self-doubt, imposter syndrome and other people’s opinions.

Bolstering your self-confidence. Taking small, courageous steps forward. Less constrained by the fear of being judged.

Letting go of the constrictions of perfectionism.

Finding your voice and speaking up for yourself.

Finding your ‘no’, holding appropriate boundaries so that you avoid burnout.

Getting clarity around your needs, values, your purpose and what brings you joy and expressing your needs.

Seeing what’s under the good girl mask. Lessening the need to people-please.

Living less from a place of fear. And more from a calm, confident, centred place of really knowing yourself. 

Black and White photo of young blond woman looking up to sky, her hair is being blown by the wind

What if you could learn to listen to your inner voice (again)

What if you could turn down the volume on the exterior world?

And turn UP the volume on your internal world? Slowing things down, reconnecting you with your heart and your instinct? Not caring what the external world might do or say or think. I have a good feeling that you’d be feeling a lot calmer, more at ease with yourself and your life.

Know that you are ‘enough’

You are not ‘defective’. It’s just that the pressures from society and the frantic pace of life have caused you to disconnect from your inner voice. Your inner knowing.  And perhaps you’re living someone else’s desires and plans. How about we reconnect with that person, her dreams and desires.

Maybe you’d be living with more pride in yourself

Feeling more fulfilled because you’re living the way YOU want to, not the way others things you should.

Feel more present

So you’re able to focus on just one thing, and relish it, rather than trying to spread yourself too thin.

Live with a sense of reassurance

And do the things that you actually enjoy. Focusing on the relationships that you think are really important.

Act with courage

And spend less time questioning yourself. How would you be if you dropped the ‘good girl’ mask, showed the world more of who you really are, and started to dive in to things that truly lit you up inside?

Are you ready to:

Have a sense of reassurance, knowing you no longer feel the need to justify or explain yourself.

Feel calmer, more at ease with yourself. Throw off the shackles of expectation and confidently live the life YOU want.

Hush the external chatter so you can hear your inner voice. Reconnecting with your inner world.

Downgrade the perfectionism and people-pleasing so that you feel a deep sense of being ‘enough’.

Ready to discover the powerful woman hiding underneath your ‘good girl’ mask?

There are two ways to tap into the vibrancy of Eviva!

Your Eviva! journey can be 1:1 with me or in a group. Click to find out more


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One of my clients described me as a ‘mental martial artist’  

 Because I helped her find her strength, her voice and her assertiveness. But I like to think of myself more as a ‘mental Flamenco dancer’ because I help you find your feminine power, passion and pride. 

Flamenco is the National dance of Spain.  It is passionate, powerful and sensual. They wear their emotions with pride.  And what’s more, the women take no BS from the men!

I like to think it’s my role to help you find your passion, power, and pride.

Black and white photo of woman dancing flamenco with castanets

In this program, I’m going to be guiding you like a coach

However, my knowledge and experience as a psychotherapist will underpin everything we do. I can use all my tools of the trade to gently guide you, I can support if you feel overwhelmed by big emotions, or like my own Flamenco teacher, Diego, I can challenge you when it’s needed.

This stuff that’s holding you back from your desired life? It’s time to pack its bags and politely, yet firmly say Adios! Because it’s your time for you to remember what it is to be in love with life again.