Learn to tame your anxiety, shift repeating patterns and feel utterly, and unapologetically alive.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Tuckett

Hi, I’m Sarah Tuckett

Anxiety Specialist, Somatic Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Dance Movement Therapist supporting the supporters (medical and allied health, educators)

If you have anxiety, then you can probably relate to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by life. Anxiety really sucks all the life out of you, until you feel like a shell of your former self. Suddenly, everything feels too hard, your resilience seems to crumble, your perfectionism kicks into overdrive and your work, relationships and sense of self get affected.

Even if you’ve never experienced anxiety or depression before, as you transition through life you can suddenly find yourself in the grips of an emotional and psychological crisis.

I get it. I am passionate about helping my clients because I know what it is like to go through anxiety and crises.  As a university-educated body psychotherapist and counsellor I have now helped hundreds of people to discover the power of working with the body – not just talking about the problem. Health fund rebates available for BUPA, Medibank Private, AHM, Australian Regional Health Group (Police Health, St Luke’s Health, CUA Health, Phoenix Health Fund, and Emergency Services Health).

My session rate is $165 including GST. Sessions are available in person (in my studio in Kelvin Grove), or via secure video counselling over Skype/Zoom.

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Move through the meno-rage

Live life unapologetically your way!

How I’m Different

anxiety specialist

Anxiety specialist

I am an anxiety specialist with a Masters in Mental Health who has helped hundreds of clients over the last 6-years to change the way they respond to the sensations in their bodies.

Learn to calm your body and mind

Through simple breathing techniques, new postures and movement, you can calm your nervous system and feel more relaxed and ready to deal with life.

Go deeper & get results

Talk therapy often never gets to the root of the problem and creates change. Using the body in trauma treatment has been proven to shorten treatment time. Start seeing shifts in your life, quicker.


Move through anxiety and pain

Through movement we remember, feel and heal old wounds, build resilience and melt away our defensive armour, so we can live more productive, freer lives.

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A commitment-free way to learn how North Brisbane counselling or body psychotherapy can help you

body psychotherapy diagram

Why does somatic psychotherapy help?

Most psychologists just do talk therapy. I’m a body-oriented therapist, which means I combine talk therapy with movement and breathing. Talking about an issue taps into the newest parts of our brains “the prefrontal lobe”. But when you get really overwhelmed and anxious that part of the brain can shut down. Especially if you go through trauma.

It is the other two-thirds of the brain that can actually shift things for us. We have the emotional part of our brain “the limbic system” and the survival part of our brain “the brain stem”, which both play a HUGE role in where our anxiety is stored and how to release it.

Movement and music help us to tap into the emotional parts of our brains – where we connect with memories and feelings, helping us unlock what is buried. Breathing helps us connect with the survival part of our brains where we can affect the nervous system and help ourselves calm down and not get overwhelmed.

body psychotherapy-diagram

How can I support you?


Therapy sessions

Giving you the tools, techniques and non-judgmental support to work through your anxiety and trauma with a body-mind based approach.


Group movement therapy

Be supported in a small group setting to move, share and connect with a like-minded group of people.



Videos, audio recordings and online training courses helping you connect to your body and reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Sarah Tuckett

My story

I get it. I am passionate about helping my clients because I know what it is like to go through what anxiety and crises.

Over 15 years ago now, I experienced a crisis of my own, stuck in a job that drained my soul and caused chronic stress which led to anxiety, depression and burnout. Like many people, I was at a cross-roads in life — torn between what makes sense logically and how terrible I felt in my body and mind. I was completely lost and overwhelmed.

I ended up spending over a year stuck somewhere I didn’t belong and I now know I never want to let anyone else suffer alone the way I did. I discovered Body Psychotherapy and my life changed so much that I felt passionate about studying my Master of Mental Health (Psychotherapy) and many subsequent qualifications in the field. After spending years chasing a career that I thought I ‘ought’ to do to be successful in life but felt disconnected from, I finally found my calling.

Short Online Course (instant access)

How to move and breathe through your anxiety

You don’t have to live with anxiety. Learn how to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety and short-circuit your worry, by focusing on moving your body and breathing. This short online course will teach you ten simple techniques to quickly take back control and calm your nervous system. Guided by videos and audio recordings, you will learn to master these simple techniques so that you can get your life back on track

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A commitment-free way to learn how North Brisbane counselling or body psychotherapy can help you